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STATISTICS: 0ver 80 individual and group listings of spiritual, metaphysical and alternative-healing events in East Central Florida…plus the provocative, informative, & uplifting PARADOX ONLINE. <> 2007 totals: 68,814 hits; 4,680 IP addresses; 1,939 bookmarked/favorites. Metagroups set an all time monthly high in September with 11,893 hits, moving March with 11,230 hits into second place. 2008 totals through September: 82,916 hits – over 9,212 hits/month with 6,560 unique IP addresses and 64.9% bookmarked or added to favorites. Also, people are going to more pages per visit than ever before, using more of the site resources.


Brevard & Indian River
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& over twenty more groups/teachers.
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Orlando Area
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& over twenty more groups/teachers.
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Articles: Food For Thought
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PARADOX online

  • these are some of Ron’s articles and poems
  • October 14 Predictions: Inspiration or Wishful Thinking? ~ Also, Commentary
  • I’m Not Religious…I’m Spiritual!
  • Power Trip
  • Liberation and Sovereignty
  • Justice and the Changing of the Guard
  • The Trick of the Master Illusion
  • The World Is Changing
  • Will We Continue To See Our Past in Our Future; or Will We Stop Resisting and Create Peace on Earth?
  • Ending the Old, Beginning the New
  • As the World Turns: Endless Circle or Upward Spiral?
  • Dancing with Light and Shadows: Celebrating Our Way Home
  • From Russia with Love: Anastasia’s Story
  • Conversation with My (Higher) Self
  • An Unlikely Hero: G W Bush
  • The Miraculous Practice of Ho’oponopono
  • these are channeled and articles by other authors
  • The Dissolution of the Old World… ~ The Hathors, Tom Kenyon
  • Magenta Pixie: Why No Lightship on October 14?
  • American People Must Grab Their Freedom Now ~ Benjamin Fulford
  • The Need of the Hour: The Golden Flame of Abundance ~ Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
  • CNN Interview with Vladimir Putin
  • Photon Belt: A Primary Driver For Our New Reality? ~ Xavier Hermes
  • Is Putin A True Christian Leader? ~ Brother Nathanael Kapner
  • Silver, Gold and the IRS ~ Derry Brownfield
  • The Light Codes ~ Dr. Paul E. Jones
  • The New World Order ~ Robert Chapman
  • The Rest of the Story ~ various sources
  • Transformation of the God-Image; Breaking the Vow of Silence; War on Consciousness ~ Paul Levy
  • St. Germaine Speaks ~ and several other channelings by Mike Quinsey updated 2-3 times/week
  • Spiritual Hierarchy/Galactic Federation Update ~ updated weekly by Sheldon Nidle
  • The Dawn of American & World Freedom Is Close; The New Cambrian Explosion ~ Benjamin Fulford
  • Our New Global System ~ Patrick Bellringer
  • Kryon: Current Events ~ Lee Carroll
  • Meditation Focus ~ Jean Hudon
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    Because Ron updates both sites.

    Out Of Area Events
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    Links & Services
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    Metagroups Community Calendar is FREE…a public service offered to the community since 1998 as a labor of love.

    In April 2005, it became a webpage listing metaphysical, spiritual community, and alternative healing events from several groups and individuals in the East-Central Florida region. These events are posted throughout the week. Group leaders or reps are asked to please keep their information updated. Updates and changes must be sent to Ron at metagroups@cfl.rr.com; they will be posted to the website as soon as possible after receipt.

    For information about how to get your group listed or subscriptions to the e-mail reminders, please click Info tab above. Subscribers receive one or two, short email reminders each week as well as corrections and special notices regarding events. Anyone on this list should feel free to forward the metagroups link to anyone in the area or outside who may be interested in learning what is happening in our area. Individuals may subscribe and unsubscribe automatically without notifying anyone. Those who list events MUST be subscribers. Please click on Info and enter your email address in the space provided. You will be sent an email to the address you enter. You are required to verify from the email you receive before you are actually added to the list. I do not believe I am able to add anyone with this new system.

    The FOOD FOR THOUGHT section is like having PARADOX – a Magazine for 21st Century Consciousness – online. PARADOX – a Purposely Provocative Publication – was a hard-copy magazine published by Ron from 1996-2001 (60 monthly issues) with subscribers in 36 states and 6 foreign countries.

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